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Stray Kids (Hangul: 스트레이 키즈) is a 2017 reality survival show created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet. Rather than individuals surviving to become a team, the trainees would be working towards the goal of debuting altogether. The team was based on internal selection and trainees would perform their self-composed songs. They were judged on individual abilities and teamwork based on unexpected missions to win the "trainees versus JYP" survival. The show aired on Mnet from October 17 to December 19, 2017 on Tuesdays at 23:00 (KST) timeslot for 10 episodes.


In late July 2017, it was reported that JYP Entertainment, was rumoured to premiere a new season of 2015 reality show Sixteen on the second half of the year, however it was revealed the next month that the agency would launch a male idol debut project with a completely different concept from Sixteen. The show was set to air in fall but the debut of the final line-up might happen in 2018.


No. Ep. Title Air Date
1 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep1 1 "[Stray Kids] Ep 1" October 17, 2017
On the first episode, JYP decided to determine their new debuting group by competing the female trainees' team called 2team with members selected by the agency against male trainees' team called Male Project Team—created by long-time trainee Bang Chan. Both teams received compliments, however Park Jin-young ultimately picked the Male Project Team as the winner due to their teamwork.
2 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep2 2 "[Stray Kids] Ep 2" October 24, 2017
The first mission was revealed: the nine members were challenged to compose their own song and showcase a performance to determine if they could debut altogether or if an elimination is inevitable. One week prior to their performance, the other members started moving into their dorm. After they settled in, the group went to the arcade to spend some free time. At JYP Training Center, the group selected the track they would use for the mission evaluation and started practicing. On the day of the evaluation, the group announced their name, Stray Kids, and their song titled "Hellevator". After the performance, JYP (Park Jinyoung) praised the song's lyrics, arrangement and melody, though he mentioned that the key of it is too high for male singers. There were members who did not meet JYP's standard and expectation, which led to an elimination round.
3 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep3 3 "[Stray Kids] Ep 3" October 31, 2017
Minho, Jeongin and Hyunjin were at risk of elimination. After giving criticisms, JYP re-arranged the members' parts in "Hellevator". For the next mission evaluation, they were tasked to divide the group into three teams for a "3:3:3" stage performances. The members decided their own teammates: Minho picked Felix and Changbin, Hyunjin picked Seungmin and Chan, and Jeongin picked Woojin and Jisung. Five days prior, the teams spent a day off. Minho's team went to Hangang Park and ate lunch, Hyunjin's team went to a bowling center, and Jeongin's team went to a karaoke room. During the episode, filming for the music video of "Hellevator" was also shown.
4 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep4 4 "[Stray Kids] Ep 4" November 7, 2017
The three teams showed their performances to other members for comments and advice. On the second mission evaluation, Hyunjin's team was first to perform the song titled "4419", based on their experiences while riding bus "No. 4419" in Seoul. JYP praised their overall performance. Minho's team performed a song titled "GLOW", lyrically about a hardworking team who is practicing until dawn. Changbin received compliments but Felix got criticized for being unconfident while Minho got the lyrics wrong while performing. Jeongin's team performed "School Life" with lyrics about students' days and slight rebellion. Jisung and Woojin both received compliments though JYP pointed out their lack of stage presence and dancing skills, respectively. Jeongin got criticized on his rap and dance skills. Jeongin, Felix and Minho were at risk of getting eliminated. In the end, Minho got eliminated from the group.
5 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep5 5 "[Stray Kids] Ep 5" November 14, 2017
JYP remarked that Minho's skills were still lacking due to shorter training period compare to other members. Stray Kids continued with eight members. Few days after the elimination, JYP gathered the group for a talk and lesson about points to remember in achieving their dreams. Afterwards, the group was given a special vacation in Gangneung. They went to the sea, ate at the central market and played relay skating at the ice rink. At night, they camped out and started a group chat about the hardest mission they went through so far, the person who they were most grateful to the most and talked about Minho. In the end, they watched Minho's video message.
6 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep6 6 "[Stray Kids] Ep 6" November 21, 2017
JYP revealed the third mission: "JYP vs. YG", similar to the agencies' trainees' showdown that happened in 2013 reality television program Win: Who is Next. A week before the battle, the group picked their representatives for vocal, dance and free battle teams. For the vocal team, they needed to perform a song from the girl groups of the other agency. Chan, Woojin, Jisung, and Jeongin selected Black Pink 's "As If It's Your Last". They worked on a remix version of the song to fit Stray Kids' concept. 3RACHA prepared a rap performance titled "Matryoshka", about Russia's traditional dolls. On the battle day, they went to YG Entertainment headquarter where they met the other agency's trainees for the first time, including Bang Yedam, Kim Doyoung, Park Jihoon, Kim Seunghun, Lee Midam, Choi Raesung and Jeon Woong, who is close friends with member Chan. In the free battle round, Changbin and Jisung performed "Matryoshka" without Chan. YG (Yang Hyunsuk) and JYP praised their performance. Bang Yedam of YG performed Shawn Mendes ' "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" and received compliments from JYP.
7 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep7 7 "[Stray Kids] Ep 7" November 28, 2017
Stray Kids' vocal team, excluding Jeongin, performed "As If It's Your Last" and finished without any mistakes. YG vocal team performed a remix version of Wonder Girls ' "Why So Lonely" and overall received high praise. On the dance battle, Stray Kids performed an original and unique stage while YG trainees performed and got compliments and some tips from JYP. Few days after the third mission, JYP invited Stray Kids to a brunch and revealed the next mission— a busking event. They then went to Hongdae, Seoul to research about busking. The members prepared for their upcoming busking event while Jeongin and Felix were preparing hard for them not to be eliminated.
8 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep8 8 "[Stray Kids] Ep 8" December 5, 2017
It was set for Stray Kids' busking event to be held in Sincheon. Jun. K of 2PM and Black Eyed Pilseung's Rado were invited to watch the busking as JYP's mystery listeners. GOT7 members BamBam and Yugyeom and DAY6 members Sungjin and Young K also attended the event. Stray Kids performed "Hellevator", "School Life" and a new song titled "YAYAYA". JYP criticized the performances—stated that Chan's vocalization was not stable, Woojin could not be recognized as main vocal and lacking in dancing skill, Hyunjin's pronunciation was still lacking, and Felix made a dance mistake while performing "YAYAYA" and his rapping did not stand out because of his difficulty in Korean language. Hyunjin, Woojin and Felix were chosen for a potential elimination. In the end, Felix was eliminated.
9 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep9 9 "[Stray Kids] Ep 9" December 12, 2017
For the final mission, it was announced by JYP that there would be a live broadcast and live audience voting. After the announcement, they re-organized the choreography to match the seven remaining members. Chan's friend, BamBam of GOT7, visited JYPE Training Center and they went out to eat and gave Chan advice. Meanwhile, some members had their vocal lesson: Seungmin performed Shawn Mendes ' "Stitches", Woojin was practicing his vocalization and performed Adam Levine 's "Lost Stars". Hyunjin performed "MM" in front of his rap trainer, then Changbin helped him to vocalize. Jeongin performed "Impossible" by James Arthur. While practicing the choreography, GOT7's JB and Jinyoung visited them at the training center. They gave the members advice for a live broadcast and commented on their seven-member version of "YAYAYA". At JYPE headquarters, they recorded their new song titled "Young Wings" with composer 1take. The next scene was a week before the recording, when JYP called Minho and Felix back and gave them a second chance to be part of the group. It was then revealed that the stages to be shown on the live broadcast would be seven-member version against nine-member version of the song to determine the final line-up.
10 Stray Kids (TV series) Ep10 10 "[Stray Kids] Ep 10" December 19, 2017
A live broadcast was held at the CJ E&M Ilsan Studio on December 19. Kim Il-joong served as host for the show. A nationwide voting was held to determine if Stray Kids would debut as a seven-member or a nine-member group. The seven-member version of "YAYAYA" and "Young Wings" was performed first. JYP gave positive remarks on the first two stages. Minho and Felix came out to join the group and performed the nine-member version of "Hellevator", "School Life" and a new upbeat song titled "Grr". Jun. K of 2PM performed a special stage. The live vote ended with 96% in favour of the nine-member group. JYP commented, "A robot has no mistakes, but a robot and human are different. When I see a nine-member stage, I still see lacking parts in both of you. But when all nine performs, the expressions are alive. Congratulations, you will debut as nine". In conclusion, Stray Kids would debut as a nine-member group in 2018!
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