STAY is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group Stray Kids.


On August 1, 2018, 5 days ahead of their comeback, a video was uploaded on Stray Kids' YouTube channel, announcing the group's fandom name. The video first showed the group's logo and then the word "Kids" and the letter "r" from "Stray Kids" disappeared, revealing the group's fandom name to be "STAY". Woojin said that the fandom name was come up by the company and the fans themselves.


"Stay" is "Stray" without the "r". The "r" in "Stray" stands for reason, meaning that their fans are their reason and where they stay.


  • At the end of a lot of Stray Kids' official videos since the I am YOU era, there would be text saying "You make Stray Kids STAY" and usually in all caps.



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