The Nachimbong (나침봉) is South Korean boy group Stray Kids' official lightstick.

It was first revealed via Twitter on November 16, 2019 and it was officially released on November 23, 2019.


It is composed of a white handle holding up a red and silver compass on top. It features a "compass without direction" and the words "You make Stray Kids stay" as a message to STAY. It has a size of 84 x 95 x 231 mm and it comes with its own strap.


It has three different modes: Normal Mode, activated by pressing the button on the lightstick handle; Central Control Mode, used during performances; Bluetooth Control Mode, controllable via dedicated application.


  • Its name is a play on the Korean word for "compass" (나침반 nachimban) and the word "rod" (봉 bong).
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