Hyunjin (Hangul: 현진; Katakana: ヒョンジン) was born on March 20, 2000 (age 20) in Seoul, South Korea. He is the lead rapper, lead dancer and the visual of the group Stray Kids.


  • Stage name: Hyunjin (현진; ヒョンジン)
  • Birth Name: Hwang Hyun Jin (황현진; 黃鉉辰)
  • Nicknames: Jinnie, Jin, the Prince[1], Llama[2]
  • Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birth Date: March 20, 2000 (age 20)
  • Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Pre Debut

Early Life

Hyunjin was born in Seong-nae dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul Korea on March 20, 2000. He grew up with a dog as well and sometimes visited Las Vegas where he used his english name Sam. Once when he was shopping with his mother, thats when he was scouted for JYP Entertainment as a trainee.


As a trainee Hyunjin appeared in the reality show Stray Kids along with the Stray Kids members and Itzy members. He ended up debuting with Stray kids in their first album I AM NOT and their leading single District 9.


◯ = Participates as lyrics/composer/producer, ✖ = Not participated as lyrics/composer/producer

Stray Kids Discography

Album Song Lyrics Composer Arrangement Ref.
Mixtape 4419
I am NOT Mixtape #1
I am WHO? Mixtape #2
Mixtape #3
Clé 1 : MIROH Mixtape #4
Clé : LEVANTER Mixtape #5

Solo Live Broadcasts


  • He is an only child.
  • When he was a kid he lived in Las Vegas for a while.
  • He attended Sungil Elementary School, Sungyeong Middle School, and Dongbuk High School before attending his recent school.
  • He graduated from SOPA (School of Performing Arts) in Seoul, where he studies Practical Dance on February 15, 2019.
  • He trained for 2 years.
  • He can speak basic English.
  • He thinks his charming point is his lips.
  • His shoe size is 270 mm.
  • He has a dog named "Kkami".
  • Hyunjin is allergic to cat fur.
  • His hobbies are dancing, reading books and playing sports.
  • Hyunjin’s favourite colours are black and white.
  • His favourite season is autumn.
  • His favourite foods are sashimi, chicken, pizza, kimchi, and jjajangmyeon.
  • He can’t eat onions, carrots, or eggplants.
  • His favourite fruit is watermelon.
  • He said he likes all the fruits except for persimmon.
  • He wants to travel a lot.
  • He was really curious as a child, so he participated in many competitions.
  • He wanted to become a singer because being on stage made him very happy and music is very appealing to him.
  • He likes to listen to Dean and Crush sunbaenims’ songs.
  • Before going to sleep he reads fans comments on the fan café because it makes him very happy and then checks what tomorrow’s schedule is.
  • Hyunjin helps Jeongin a lot. About 10 times a day.
  • If he wasn’t in Stray Kids, he would be an interior designer.
  • He talks in his sleep.
  • Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up.
  • He says he looks like his mom but with his dad’s nose.
  • His favorite killing part in a song is his rap in “Grow Up ” which Han wrote for him.
  • He uses a mask at night and drinks lots of water.
  • He eats a lot in the morning and stops eating after 4 pm.
  • Hyunjin’s friends and classmates call him the “Prince” because of his handsome looks and talent.
  • Hyunjin prefers mulnaengmyeon (cold noodles) over bibim naengmyeon (spicy cold noodles).
  • I.N said Hyunjin cry the most out of all members. He once entered the room and saw Hyunjin crying while reading comic because he was touched.
  • The one Hyunjin talks to the most on the phone is I.N.
  • Hyunjin’s must wear accessories are rings and necklaces.
  • He has a cross necklace that he wears often.
  • Hyunjin chose dogs over cats because he has Kami.
  • He likes to create choreography in the dark.[3]
  • Expensive things Hyunjin bought recently was his ring (actually his mom bought it for him).
  • Things he likes doing during vacation: going to a water park and eating delicious food.
  • Things he dislikes doing during vacation: hiking on a difficult track.
  • He has two moles under his eyes.
  • He has a habit of biting his nails.
  • If he has to describe himself in five words, it is “The Passionate Final Round Boss” (yeol-jeong kkeut-pan-wang in Korean).
  • I.N used to be his roommate.
  • In the new dorm Hyunjin, Han, and Seungmin share a room.
  • Since they moved to a new dorm and uses a different room from I.N, I.N hears the alarm and comes into Hyunjin’s room to wake him up.
  • Starting from February 16, 2019, he is currently an MC on MBC 's Show! Music Core.
  • His motto is: “Let’s try even when you regret it later.”
  • His role model is GOT7‘s Jinyoung.


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