Finding Stray Kids (Hangul: 찾았다 스트레이 키즈) is a show where the members of Stray Kids are seen exploring different values of the variety TV world.

On June 10, 2020, it was revealed there would be another season titled, Finding SKZ God Edition (Hangul: 찾았다 스트레이 키즈 최신판). The first episode aired on June 24, 2020 on Youtube. In this season, the members fight 8 wars to choose their Gods. The winner of each war will take charge of that war's God.


# Thumbnail Title Tribute Show Air Date Location
Finding skz ep 1.png
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 1 - Running 9 Running Man March 20, 2019 S. Korea
Finding SKZ Ep2 Thumbnail.jpg
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 2 - Chan's Tour Salty Tour March 27, 2019 Sydney, AU
Finding SKZ Ep3 Thumbnail.jpg
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 3 - Exactly! Over Flowers Youth Over Flowers April 3, 2019 Sydney, AU
Finding skz ep 4.png
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 4 - JYP's Journey to the West New Journey to the West April 10, 2019 S. Korea
Finding SKZ Ep 5 Thumbnail.PNG
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 5 - LanSKZ Lanlife April 17, 2019 S. Korea
Finding SKZ Ep. 6 Thumbnail.png
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 6 - LanSKZ Lanlife April 24, 2019 S. Korea
Finding SKZ Ep. 7 Thumbnail.png
Finding Stray Kids Ep. 7 - Coming Bros Knowing Bros May 1, 2019 S. Korea


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