Clé 2 : Yellow Wood is the first special album and sixth extended play by South Korean boy group Stray Kids. It was released on June 19, 2019 with "Side Effects" serving as the title track. The album consists of all the "mixtapes" from the previous mini-albums.

The physical release comes in three versions: Clé 2, Yellow Wood and Limited.


Stray Kids chose to go their own way with a flaming fight and passion. Life is a continuation of choice, and the anxieties and vagaries of choice are experienced by everyone. Even in natural procedures, 'adults' are afraid to reveal their own weakness. "Stray Kids", who are just starting off the boundaries of adulthood, were armed with recklessness, cynicism, and the recklessness that struck their whole body, avoiding adversity and suffering, shouting the processing of their emotions that would be 'weaknesses'. The Side Effects of "Stray Kids"' choices, challenges and confusions dissolve in and are tougher than anything else, which stimulates the sensibility of the listener.


  1. "밟힌 적 없는 길 Road Not Taken"
  2. "부작용 Side Effects"
  3. "별생각 TMT"
  4. "Mixtape #1"
  5. "Mixtape #2"
  6. "Mixtape #3"
  7. "Mixtape #4"


Chart (2019) Peak
Japanese Albums (Oricon) 17
Polish Albums (ZPAV) 12
South Korean Albums (Gaon) 2



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