ChangLix (Chang/Bin and Fe/Lix) is the friendship pairing between Changbin and Felix



  • They are both rappers.


  • Felix was born in Australia while Changbin was born in South Korea.


  • They are members of the South Korean boy group Stray Kids.
  • Felix had the choice of what pair out of Minho, Changbin and himself would have to kiss another on the cheek, and he chose himself and Changbin. (Stray Kids Ep.3)
  • "How is it? You love me." - Felix to Changbin, after Felix chose for Changbin to kiss him on the cheek. (Stray Kids Ep.3)
  • Changbin kissed Felix on the cheek for three seconds. (Stray Kids Ep.3)
  • "Hyung is really really sorry..." - Changbin to Felix, when Felix was eliminated.
  • Changbin said in episode 6 of Two Kids Room that he started becoming confident about his looks after Felix told him how he thought he was handsome when they were still trainees.
  • They stated during an interview that, if they could switch bodies with another member, they'd pick each other.
  • They have been roommates since early 2019.


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