"Alchemistry" is a song by South Korean sub-unit boy group 3RACHA. It was deleted before their official debut with Stray Kids. The song samples "Tokyo Drift" by Kaseem.


It is about 3RACHA which is analogous to an alchemist and makes his own work.


 Chan   Changbin   Jisung 

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CB97 is awake now aka mad scientist

It's another day of cooking up music

Make a potion like an alchemist

Ay, the experience I have stacked up now

I spill out the small grains of sand

Even if we're gone, don't worry, our music lasts forever

Ooh, hold up, wait a minute

Mmm, let's get it

Put the ingredients in one by one, OMG

I must have added too much water, it's bland

Got all the way here with passion

Any ingredient I add will fix it

Ah, bro, you should've put this in

It's 3RACHA sauce, mmm, so hot

With tracks I made we go to the top

Like mmm, our song will go

Wait... I'll keep going

Suffered all the time, I'm like Frankenstein

Now I don't want to do that anymore

Every single thing I've learned

I'll use it in my music forever

I got a call from my friend whom I haven't spoken to in a while

He told me he was really moved by what I had produced

The impactful topics, lyrics, flow, or just everything?

The current topic is the hustle

There's no lies in my lyrics, I don't need to try and seem real

I just have to be sincere because the facts are truthful

In order to make something good with a base of sincerity

I keep adding and taking from the product

I've never lost any passion between all that work

I'm satisfied when it's full to the brim

Rhyme and flow, I keep experimenting to mix and match

Inspiration has never left my mind

The continuous wrestling tests my unknown limits

But I'm sure I haven't grown by letting go of those tests

Above all I hope my composition will be eternal

With plans of infinite challenges, I stretch my limits to infinity

My two old minds work around the clock to estabilish a new me

I compare my future self to those who are a level up

And think of formulas to reach my goal

Different from all the rest, ay

Different from all the rest, I act

Because I'm different in my DNA

Crazy breaking rap grinds on the mixtape

The lyrics I overlooked before become an opus

In one week I pump out two new products

From an empty bottle that contains the unknown

Rhyme and flow, I mix it up

The hundreds of inventions keep growing

They become gifts as I look back

Along with many rappers' lyrics

My career fits my appearance in videos

I can handle all of it even if I don't understand my character

I look up experimental flows, even if it explodes, it's okay

Why do you have so many complaints, it's not magic

It's not sorcery, just creation from a new decision

I'm a creator, I progress as I invent

The moment my easy betas hit your eardrum

The passion is gripped in my hand

I make another song and live inside it

I exist within my large mixtape

So I'll always be alive as long as the Earth turns

I'll make it til the end, a second me

An eternal song that will keep me alive forever

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